Beyond – Process Animation

Hey there! :) As indicated earlier here is my process of "Beyond". For those who missed it until now, I posted it some days ago on deviantart.
In the middle of the process I decided to change the design of her... "horse-furry-dragon-creature" she is riding and added cat like features. :)

Team Llama – Step by Step

Hey, everyone!:) Here is the promised step-by-step animation of Team Llama! That was the perfect excuse to try out the new animation features in PS CS5... :P (for the super-duper-fancy fading effects)
The Composition and colors were pretty important to me, so I roughly defined them before I started the actual pixelart.:)

And some quick sketches I did beforehand...


Long time no see... So, let's inaugurate this blog.:) I did this speedpainting just for testing... I'm practicing at the moment, mostly with gesture drawing, to get the hang of muscles/anatomy and that stuff... So, after a lot of drawing I felt like painting something. (doesn't make any sense though :P)
No refs used. :) approx. 5 hours (used font: Quicksand)

to my new blog!:D I call it done for now and hopefully I'll find some time soon to post new stuff... And on a regular basis, of course.:) So sooner or later I'll deactivate my former blog on myblog.
Under Construction

Hey everyone!
I'm moving from myblog here to blogger/blogspot... As you might notice, I'm not quite done with converting my template yet, but I'm doing my best to finish this sooner... or later.;)
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My name is Jasmin Eilers, I'm a licensed designer and illustrator.

Beside my official website and you can find my art in the following web-galleries:
Deviantart, CGTalk, Youtube and ImagineFX

This blogdesign, including writing in html/css and all corresponding Illustrations/Hamsters/Icons were designed and painted by me.

All artwork shown in this blog (if not otherwise stated) have been made by me (mostly in Photoshop).
Please don't use my artwork without my consent!

For any further information, feel free to contact me.